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We are a so-called andelskollegie, located on DTU Lyngby Campus, in the corner of the 4th quadrant.

The term ‘Andelskollegie’ is unknown to most people – in fact, we only know of four andelskollegier in Denmark, including ourselves. Andelskollegiet ved DTU is essentially equivalent to a normal andelsboligforening, but with the demand that residents must be students (at a medium-cycle or long-cycle higher education, or ph.d. student). Only people who meet this criteria can buy and live in an apartment at andelskollegiet ved DTU. Purchases by parents are allowed.

Andelskollegiet ved DTU is not a regular dorm (in Danish “kollegie”), but an “andels-kollegie”. This means the apartments are not exactly for rent. Instead you can buy a share in the premises, which gives you the right to rent one of the apartments. A further description of the term “andelsbolig”, not directly related to AKDTU but still applicable, can be found here. Some residents may choose to rent out their apartments during e.g. a semester studying abroad, in which case the apartment can be rented without purchasing a share in the premises. This, however, is not something that happens often, and the Board cannot give any information about this.

If you want to learn more about us, then look in the “About Andelskollegiet” menu, where you for example can read more about the idea behind the dorm, the conditions in the dorm, and the apartments themselves.

New website

The dorm’s website has gotten a separate area only for residents, requiring signing in. Here is for example guides to various things related to the dorm, options for renting the common house, and signup for garden days when these have been opened. The Board is undertaking a restructuring of responsibilities, and the website will therefore be changed over time, and recieve improvements intented to streamline the contact between the residents and the Board.

If there are any problems, or you have questions you cannot find the answer to on the website, you are welcome to contact the board at

For residents

If you are a resident, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the practical conditions and rules at the dorm.

Therefore, we have collected a lot of information at the site For residents

Suggestions to the website are welcome at