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We are a so-called andelskollegie, located on DTU Lyngby Campus, in the corner of the 4th quadrant.

The term ‘Andelskollegie’ is unknown to the most – in fact we only know of four in Denmark, including ourselves.
It means we are practically the same as a normal andelsboligforening, but with a demand that you must be a student (at a medium-long or long higher education, or ph.d. student) to buy and live in an appartment. Purchases by parents are however also allowed.

If you want to learn more about us, then go to the “About Andelskollegiet” page, where you can read more about the idea behind the dorm, as well as the conditions in the dorm.

New website

The Board is undertaking a restructuring of different areas of responsibility, and the website will therefore be changed and updated going forward.

If there are any problems, or you have questions you cannot find the answer to on the website, you are welcome to contact the board at

For residents

If you are a resident, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the practical conditions and rules at the dorm.

Therefore, we have collected a lot of information at the site For residents

Suggestions to the website are welcome at