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TV and Internet


The dorm has a shared antenna, which distributes the so-called free-to-air channels.
These are the following channels (if you have a TV with digital TV tuner):

  • DR1
  • DR2
  • DR Ramasjang
  • TV2 Lorry
  • Folketinget
  • Hovedstaden
  • DR1 Syn
  • DR2 Syn

The channel list is correct for the time the list is written – 1/5 2022.

In addition, the shared antenna supports Boxer, so if you want more channels, you can contact Boxer ( and buy a TV module/box and subscribe.

The association has nothing to do with agreements or potential problems with Boxer.


Our internet provider is K-Net, which provides a 10,000/10,000 Mbps fiber connection.
This connection is shared between all apartments, so the speed in each apartment is less, but typically between 500-800 Mbps.
For more information about K-net, see their website at
On their page, status information will be posted. In addition, they have a facebook, google plus and twitter profile which you can follow to be sure of getting the information. Links to these can be found on their website.

After signing the user declaration, there is access to the internet through network connectors in the apartment.
It is allowed to set up your own router (however, this must be protected with a minimum wpa).
Residents can view network statistics and open/close ports for their internet connection at (requires that you are on your apartment’s connection).

There are currently not internet in the common house, but studies are underway on possibilities for it.

The network group

The network group is responsible for the maintenance of the college’s network equipment and website (incl. Own development), as well as communication with our internet provider K-Net. It is, as a rule, a member of the Network Group who is the dorm’s representative on K-Net’s board.

The network group currently consists of:
Victor Brandsen – Apartment 002

The network group can be contacted at

If you want to hear more about the work in the network Group or are interested in being part of the network Group, please feel free to contact us at the email above.