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For residents

On this page we have gathered information that is important for you as a resident to know.

First and foremost, we strongly recommend that you whitelist our email domain ( in your email client, since we, as far as possible, will communicate electronically with residents/members, to achieve a fast and cheap communication .
Instructions on how to do this can be easily found on google; if you can not make it work, you can contact the online group at

Welcome letter (Danish)
Articles of Association (Danish)
User declaration for use of the Internet (Danish). This must be signed and handed in to the network group responsible.

Sale of apartment:
Guidance on what to do when you want to sell your apartment.

Heating system:
Instructions on what to do if you have heat problems or the radiator is noisy.

Resident responsibility:
Description of what responsibility the co-operative member / resident has in relation to maintenance etc.

Contact information for relevant people at the college.