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Sale of appartment

General procedure

Read about the general procedure here (Danish).

Waiting list

Pursuant to Article 14.1 of our Articles of Association, the seller has a right of option. This means that the seller is free to sell to a person who is not on the waiting list, but who otherwise lives up to the articles of association.

If the seller does not wish to exercise the right of option, he/she can offer the apartment through our waiting list by following the procedure below.

Offer to the waiting list

For offers on the waiting list, we use a system from

Through this, the board sends out an advertisement to everyone on the waiting list who then reports back if they are interested.

Along with the advertisement, we issue a number of standard documents and references to our articles of association.

In the system, it is possible to set a date for open house (as well as participant restriction) and a date for when they must provide answers about purchases.

To send an advertisement, send the following to

  • Which apartment and category (A, B or C)?
  • Do you want to hold an open house?
    • If yes: Which date / dates and time period?
      It is possible to specify multiple dates of open house.
    • Should there be a participant restriction (if so; how many?)
  • Assessment report.
  • The assessment report is valid for six months.
  • Deadline for buying interest.
  • Desired / expected transfer date.
  • Price:
    As a starting point, the maximum price is used; i.e. the unit value +/- improvements / deficiencies, cf. assessment report.
  • Optional: Pictures of apartment.

Remember that the buyer must live up to our articles of association in order to be able to buy (especially §3).

Regarding dates in general
Waitly has, unfortunately, some rigid validation rules that are beyond our control (we are constantly talking to them about changes / improvements to the system).
This means that from the time the advertisement is sent out until the deadline for participation in any open house must be at least 24 hours (by default we set this response time to 24 hours before open house).
From the response deadline to the open house and until the actual open house event, there must also be 24 hours in between.
As well as from the open house event and until the deadline for buying interest, there must be 48 hours in between.

In addition, Waitly is a bit strange, so if an open house is held and you are interested in the apartment, but can not/will not participate in an open house, then you still have to answer that you want to participate in an open house so you get to the next step where you must specify whether you want to buy.
In the next version, which comes in early 2022, this has changed.

Since people have to answer any open house in order to be able to respond to buying interest, we recommend that it be posted as late as possible in relation to the answer for buying interest.

Regarding date of purchase interest
There must be at least 14 days from we receive the necessary information for the deadline for the purchase interest. This so we can have time to broadcast, those interested have time to respond, potentially attend open house and answer any questions.

After the deadline, we will send you contact information for the first person on the waiting list who is interested.

Then you must contact the person in question to agree further and to initiate the further course; which is point 4 in Cobblestone’s guide –

Regarding transfer date
Only transfers with takeover day on the 1st or 15th of a month are accepted.

In order to meet the deadlines specified in the transfer agreement, Cobblestone must have the material no later than 21 days before the transfer date in order to be able to process the agreement.

If the parties want to take over before ordinary deadlines, ie. when an agreement is to be drawn up and processed less than 21 days before takeover, the deadline of 21 days can be shortened for an additional fee to Cobblestone (agreed with them).

So if you use the waiting list, do not pay an express fee and you hit the 1st or 15th of a month for the transfer, it typically takes 40-45 days from the board receiving necessary info from the seller for the transfer itself.

Therefore, the date of the transfer date may not be less than 40 days from the time we receive material for the advertisement, at the same time as the date hits the 1st or 15th of a month, unless it is stated that the seller will pay the express fee.

Standard documents that are sent out with the waiting list ad

  • Latest budget
  • Latest accounts
  • Latest key information form
  • Latest general meeting minutes
  • Basic lease agreement
  • Energy label
  • Valuation report – must be submitted by the member


Pursuant to the Cooperative Housing Act and section 15 of our articles of association, a maximum price has been set for the shares +/- any improvements or deficiencies (which are assessed by the assessor appointed by the association).

The price can either be found in as:
The original purchase price (stated in §4.2 of the articles of association) multiplied by the share krone (determined once a year and noted in the annual accounts).
Or here on the website for the apartment category in question:
Category A – 30 sqm.
Category B – 40 sqm.
Category C – 50 sqm.

Articles of association, accounts and minutes of the general meeting

Accounts and minutes are sent to all members who are registered with Cobblestone, cf. the association’s articles of association, after the general meeting.
If you have misplaced these, you can find it on the association’s intranet by our administrator at

The articles of association can be found here.