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Guide to access control

To enter, the prox chip is presented to the keyboard reader, a beep sound plays, and a diode on the panel lights up green.

To exit, press the exit button on the inside of the door.

If you are the last to leave the common house, the alarm MUST be connected.
This is done by pressing # on the keyboard outside and then presenting your prox chip to it. The keyboard beeps and the keyboard turns on a red light.
If the keyboard continues to glow green, check that all doors and windows are closed.

If you lose your prox chip, you must contact the network group as soon as possible so that it can be blocked so that we thereby avoid a burglary in the common house.
A new piece currently costs DKK 120 (the price may change as it is determined by the dorm’s purchase price) and will be deducted from the rent.

In addition to acting as a burglar alarm, the access control will also be used to keep track of who uses the common house and whether they follow the rules.

In short, the rules are that you must make sure to leave the common house in the same condition (or better) when you leave it, as well as make sure to close doors/windows and turn off all lights.
The full rules for the use of the common house is hung in the common house.

Repeated violations of the rules can ultimately lead to a blockage of your access to the common house.
Be aware that the system is used as an access control. Ie. that a log is kept of who has been in the common house (and possibly also if you have not connected the alarm), in case of theft/vandalism and the like. You may ultimately be liable for damages.
Therefore, it is important to contact the board as soon as possible if damage, problems etc. are observed.

If there are any questions about the use of the access control, contact the online group at

For general questions, contact the board at