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Rent of common house

Rental of the common house is defined by Article 31B of our articles of association.

When renting the common house, you get the exclusive right to use it.

Even if you have rented the common house, you still have to show consideration for the other residents. This means, for example, that one must not be noisy or otherwise annoying to others. If the common house manager or the board deems that this is not complied with, they can stop the event – in this case, the tenant will still be charged for rent, as well as have the obligation to clean up and tidy. In the event of repeated and/or serious cases, the person responsible for the common house or the board of directors may withdraw the right to use the common house for the person in question.

In our calendar you can see which days the common house is rented out.

To rent the common house, you must write to the common house manager at
Please write at least one week before the start of the rental; if you want to be sure that the inquiry will be processed, you must write at least 14 days before.
When the rental manager starts processing the inquiry, he/she will send an email with further details and terms; this email you have 48 hours to respond to, if you do not respond to this within the time you risk that the common house is rented out to someone else.
The reservation is only valid once the common house manager has confirmed it.
Once booked, it is not possible to cancel your reservation.

Price and payment

1 day – From kl. 12:00 (mid day) to 12:00 (mid day) the following day, cf. Articles 31B.1 of the Articles of Association:
200 kr.

Subsequent consecutive days started:
100 kr.

The rent will be deducted along with the next possible collection of rent. Depending on the time of reporting, may be up to two months after

Liability and compensation

When you rent the common house, you will be held financially responsible for any damage or defect in the common house during your rent.
Depending on the nature of the damage/defect, there are three scenarios for repair:

  • That you take care of the repair yourself.
  • That you must pay an amount corresponding to the damage/defect – The amount is assessed by the board.
  • That professional help must be hired for the repair.

Which scenario applies depends on an individual assessment by the Board of Directors and this decision is final.
Expenses for any errors and omissions will be reported to our administrator who will deduct it through the monthly rent collection.

Before the start of the rent

To avoid having to pay for other people’s damage and defects in the common house, you must therefore, in connection with the start of the rent, review the common house and note/document any damage and defects.
This list must be sent to the person responsible for the common house ( immediately, as documentation that you are not responsible for the deficiencies in question.

Clean-up and cleaning

The common house and any outdoor areas must be tidied up and cleaned before the end of the rent.
If this has not been done, the board of directors reserves the right to charge rent for each commenced day until the conditions have been rectified.

This involves at least:

  • Sweeping / vacuuming of all floors.
  • Wash all floors.
  • The washing water must be changed several times along the way to ensure a satisfactory result.
  • If the Board / joint house managers are not satisfied, the floor must be washed again until a satisfactory result has been achieved.
  • Shake doormat free of gravel, grass etc.
  • Clean tables and all table areas – Including the underside of tables and table legs.
  • Wash all chairs that have been used.
  • Wash interiors to the extent necessary.
  • Toilet: Washing of walls – If necessary.
  • Toilet: Shed toilets with WC cleaner, as well as wiping of boards, cisterns etc.
  • Toilet: Clean sink and faucet.
  • Toilet: Wipe upstairs washing machine.
  • Empty dishwasher – Including filters for dirt.
  • Oven cleaning – Includes baking trays and grills.
  • Clean the stove / hob.
  • Empty and clean refrigerator/freezer.
  • Replace furniture according to the standard layout (see standard layout photos in Guidelines for using).
  • Put all the things you have used in place.
  • Emptying all bins.
  • Washing of cloths, tea towels, mops and the like.
  • Disposal of waste and the like.
  • Dispose of empty bottles with a deposit.
  • Dispose of empty glass bottles in glass containers (for example in our rubbish bin – if there is room!).
  • Removal of any waste outdoors.
  • Large amounts of waste created in connection with the party must be driven to the recycling station (Firskovvej 9).
  • This can be, for example, if you have had a lot of decorations, disposable tablecloths etc.

Questions or something missing?

If you have questions or there are missing cleaning items etc., then contact the common house manager who will be helpful to you.