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Usage guidelines

If everyone is to be able to use the common house, it is necessary that we all show respect when we use it.

It is NOT allowed to smoke in the common house.

When using the common house, please make sure to do the following before leaving:

  • Furniture is put in place according to the standard arrangement (see section at the bottom of this page).
  • The dishes are cleaned. If the dishwashers are used, they must also be emptied when they have finished running.
  • All equipment is put back in the respective places so that the kitchen table and other tables are cleared.
  • The refrigerator is emptied and wiped.
  • All tables (including the foosball table) are wiped with a damp cloth.
  • The oven and stove are cleaned so that there is no burnt food residue.
  • Baking pans are washed up and wiped off – there may also be burnt food leftovers here!
  • The floor is swept, and the floor around the kitchen table and wherever else is needed is washed.
  • For larger events, the entire floor is washed (e.g. when renting the communal house, for communal dining and other events of longer duration).
  • Garbage cans are emptied and a new bag is put in.
  • If there is no dishwashing liquid, cloths or other cleaning agents, please notify the person responsible for the common house.
  • Bottles, cans, and the like. must not be placed in the boiler room. For a larger event, the boiler room for emergencies can be used as a depot for storing beer crates, wine, etc., but this must be removed again as soon as possible.

If the common house representative or the board of directors does not believe that the above has been done properly, they may at any time order the person responsible to clean up.

In the event of a lack of or unsatisfactory cleaning / tidying up, the Board of Directors reserves the right to charge rent per day until the conditions have been rectified, cf. §31A.7 of our articles of association.

We hope you understand this, as it is not possible to rent a disgusting and smelly community house.

The common house representative can be contacted at

Standard arrangement of furniture

Usage guidelines
Floorplan of the common house