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Responsibilities of residents

In order to keep the dormitory nice and functional, there are a number of things for which the resident/member is responsible.
The overall responsibility is stated in the college’s articles of association ยง10.
Specific areas of responsibility are defined below (note that this is not a complete list).

  • Everyone is responsible for cleaning and tidying up their outdoor areas so the dorm looks neat. This includes:
    • Terraces/balconies or in front of the front door must not be used as storage space.
    • For living room apartments: Removing weeds on the terrace and in the hedge.
    • For living room apartments: Trimming of own hedge (height approx. 110-130 cm).
    • For 1st and 2nd floor: Clean glass and railings free of algae.
    • For 1st and 2nd floor: Treat railings. First, the railing must be scrubbed clean, then sanded lightly with sandpaper (approx. Grain 120). Then apply thin layers of 1 part crude linseed oil with 3 parts turpentine. After each treatment, the railing must dry before a new layer is applied.
    • Supplies are provided by the dorm.
  • Errors/defects in the dormitory (incl. in apartments) that may be of significance to the dormitory must be reported to the board. It can e.g. be leaks on water or heating pipes.
  • Regularly ventilate its in-floor heating and radiators. Failure to do so will result in increased wear and tear on the dormitory heating system and result in costly repairs, as well as higher heat bill for the entire dormitory.
  • Attend garden days.
  • In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the dorm is based on volunteer work; therefore, one cannot expect problems to be resolved immediately.
  • If you are interested in helping at the dorm, you are very welcome to contact the board.
  • Contact information can be found here.