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The facilities available at the dorm include:

  • Covered bicycle parking
  • Parking spaces
  • Common house

The common house

We have a large common house on approximately 110 sqm. which can be used by all residents at the dorm, as long as other people can use it at the same time. When having gatherings of over 10 people or if all the space is required, the common house must be rented. An exception to this is if over half of the gathering is residents.
Regardless of whether the common house is rented or not, the guidelines must be followed.

The common house consists of a large party hall with the option of splitting it in two. There is seating for 48 guests. The kitchen is equiped with everything you should need for cooking. The common house is also equipped with a large speaker system, and a procetor and canvas, which is connected to using HDMI and minijack.

It is also possible to stay outside on the tables and benches, as well as borrowing the dorm grill.

The kitchen

In the kitchen, there is:

  • Large pots (up to 15L)
  • Two ovens with build-in frying thermometer
  • Two induction hobs
  • Microwave
  • Industrial coffee maker
  • Kettle
  • Thermos (5 for coffee, 5 for tea)
  • Grill cutlery
  • Plates, cutlery, and glasses for 48 guests