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The dorm consists of 72 apartments divided into:

All apartments are made with light parquet floor in the living room, while Kitchen / Entrance and bathroom are in light tiles with in-floor heating.

In the living room there is 2.5 meters from floor to ceiling on the ground floor and 1st floor, while on the 2nd floor there are up to 3.3 m.

All kitchens are, at a minimum, with two burners and a combi-microwave – In several apartments, however, these have been replaced with either a real oven or stove.

The bathroom has a combi-washer/dryer in all apartments.

All apartments have their own terrace (approx. 12 sqm.) or balcony (approx. 6 sqm.) which are south-east facing.

Cheap internet is connected to all apartments – read more about this on the page “TV and Internet“.