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The concept

Andelskollegiet ved DTU is not a regular dorm (in Danish “kollegie”), but an “andels-kollegie”. This means the apartments are not exactly for rent. Instead you can buy a share in the premises, which gives you the right to rent one of the apartments. A further description of the term “andelsbolig”, not directly related to AKDTU but still applicable, can be found here. Some residents may choose to rent out their apartments during e.g. a semester studying abroad, in which case the apartment can be rented without purchasing a share in the premises. This, however, is not something that happens often, and the Board cannot give any information about this.

The purpose of the association

The association was founded with the aim of providing good housing conditions for students, but still staying within a reasonable level of expenditure.

Based on this purpose, the dormitory was completed and taken into use in the autumn of 2006.

Since then the board has been responsible for the day-to-day operations and ensured that the association complies with its purpose. We are a cooperative housing association, thus, the board consists of residents / cooperative members. As a result, the board are always well-aware of the students’ terms and wishes.

About the dorm

The dorm’s address is:
Kollegiebakken 19, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby.

The dormitory is thus located in the fourth quadrant at DTU.

The dormitory consists of 72 apartments, distributed among three different categories (A, B and C; of 30, 40 and 50 sqm, respectively).

Additionally, the dormitory owns a communal house which is free for use for the residents. If you want it for yourself for an event, it is possible to rent it (see more information here).