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Category B

Apartment type B is a spacious, 1-room apartment with private bathroom and separate kitchen and dining area.

The living room, bathroom and terrace/balcony are equivalent in design, decor and size to those in apartment type A .

In this apartment type, the kitchen is located as an independent kitchen and dining area with window, wardrobe, and tiled floor with in-floor heating.

The apartments have spacious interior storage rooms, also with in-floor heating. They act as “walk-in closets”.

The apartments on the 2nd floor have higher ceilings with an exciting inflow of light from the south-facing skylight.

In these apartments you can live two people.

Unit value:
221,224.50 kr.

Monthly payment:

Housing cost:DKK 5,511.12
Antenna and internet fee:DKK 28.35
Prepaid water:DKK 300.00
Prepaid heating:DKK 300.00
Total:DKK 6,139.47
Note: Prepaid amounts vary according to consumption

Square footage: Ca. 40 sqm.

Total amount: 12 appartments (4 on each floor).

Category B