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Buy/waiting list

Our waiting list is managed via the Waitly system.
Their pricing model is built on an annual fee per revaluation per waiting list.
Therefore, we have chosen to make one waiting list regardless of which of the three apartment types you want.
If, for example, you are only interested in category A apartments, you can simply ignore inquiries regarding other categories or reject them when you receive them.

This, however, also means the Board cannot tell how many are on the waiting list for a specific apartment type. You can see how many are on the waiting list in total at the Waitly website, through the link below.


It only costs DKK 250/year to be on our waiting list and covers the dorm’s expenses for handling the waiting list.

Purchase of an apartment and the association’s articles of association

Since we are a andelskollegie, there are some special rules for being allowed to buy a share. You can read about these in our articles of association.

Standby list

We receive many inquiries about whether you can buy a share if you are on an educational institution’s standby list. This is not possible; it is required that you have final confirmation that you have been admitted and that you have approved your place of study, so that it is ensured that you as a resident are a student.

Still interested?

Then go to

Remember that you can read about the different apartment types, prices and monthly expenses at:
A (30 sqm.)
B (40 sqm.)
C (50 sqm)

Important for non-Danish speakers!

ALL communication (emails, documents, letters, guides etc.) in the housing association are in Danish.
Therefore, it is the apartment owner’s/tenant’s own responsibility to ensure translation/understanding of communication from the board/our administrator or external partners and our documents etc.